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Facetime for More Than Just Fun

Don’t be afraid. This is my attic.

You know, it didn’t occur to me at first how Facetime could be useful for more than just talking with friends and family, until recently when I needed to crawl up in our attic. That space you see in the photo above is just large enough for a 6 foot 2 inch guy to crawl through on his belly to make it to the other side (which is exactly what I needed to do to take a look at some electrical work in my attic. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about wiring.

However, my dad does. He was visiting us recently and although I wouldn’t have considered making my dad crawl up in the attic to diagnose our electrical issues, it was no big deal to crawl up there with my iPhone and do a Facetime chat with him to show him, in real time, what the wiring looked like. He was downstairs and able to talk me through what I was seeing and guide me through the maze of electric wires draped throughout the attic.

So technically I *was* Facetiming with my dad, but it was for something other than fun. I guess this is the kind of reason I started this blog… to talk about what new possibilities open up with this technology. Coming soon… a top ten list of alternative ways to use Facetime.

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