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Facetime with a Dog & Give Him a Treat

If you don’t have enough people to Facetime with, or if you’re just an animal lover and would like to make a dog’s day, I highly encourage you to sign up to Treat Chewie. Here’s the concept:

Sign up to have Chewie the dog text you (to let you know a FT request is coming).
Answer the Facetime request and talk to Chewie.
Chewie gets a treat when you Facetime with him.

Don’t worry about Chewie getting fat on treats… here are the caveats:
– Chewie is only receives treats once an hour on the hour
– Chewie is only open for treat business Monday through Friday 10a-6p
– In order to recieve Chewie’s call you must have an iPhone with Facetime and you must be on WIFI at the time of the call

Go forth and Treat Chewie!

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