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How to Facetime: the Simple Version

How do you get started with Facetime?  Here’s the short version:

1. You need hardware: either an iPhone 4, iPod Touch/iTouch or a Mac (any recent mac with an video camera should do). If you have a Mac, you’ll need to download Facetime from Apple.

2. Open Facetime for the first time and you’ll be prompted to create an account (email/phone number and password). Set it up once and you’re done!

3. Find a friend to call for a video chat!

Those are the basics!  Of course for as simple as it can be, there’s much more to it.  In the coming weeks we’ll take a look at the details and start delving out the tips and tricks for all the great ways you can enhance Facetime for your personal use.  How do you plan on using Facetime?

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