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Quick and Easy Video Chat App Reviews: What to Look For

As video calling becomes more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, the need for comprehensive and reliable video chat apps rises. With a wide array of choices available, how does one decide which app is best for them? Do you prioritize ease-of-use? Advanced features? Aesthetic appeal? Navigating the choices can be overwhelming, especially for the tech novice. To help streamline the selection process, here we will discuss what to look for when selecting a video chat app.

User-Friendly Interface

The number one priority when selecting a video chat app is the user-friendly interface. Many users do not have experience with similar software, so a clean and intuitive design is essential. Look for features like no registration or log-in required, an uncluttered user dashboard, intuitive call and messaging features, and the ability to quickly connect with others. Apps with too many features can be confusing, so choose one with the basics and go from there.

Video Quality

When selecting a video chat app, the video quality should be one of the top considerations. The app should be able to handle resolutions up to 720p HD, low visibility due to poor lighting, and should also be very stable. If the video quality is poor, then so is the experience. Additionally, make sure that the app can handle a large number of users without any issues.

Available Features

When considering the features of the app, it’s important to evaluate what functionality is essential for your needs. Basic features such as one-on-one calling and messaging should be a given, but there are also many additional features that will greatly improve the user experience. Some of the most useful include:

  • screen sharing
  • group chatting
  • viewers list
  • whiteboard to increase collaboration
  • video recording capability

Platform Availability

It’s important to consider which platform the app is available on when deciding on a video chat app. If the app is only available on iOS and Android, then users with a Windows-based device may have difficulty joining calls. Make sure that the app is compatible with a variety of operating systems, and check to see if an app version is available for Desktop, Web, and Tablet devices.


Integrations are a powerful tool for increasing the usability of a video chat app. For instance, integrating with popular conference platforms such as Calendly or Google Hangouts allows users to join calls with their existing accounts. Additionally, if you require more advanced features, consider if the app has native or third-party integrations for analytics or to leverage other A.I. technologies. This will help your team maximize their efficiency.


The security of the video chat app should be a primary concern. Make sure that the app is encrypting all data in transit, that there are no known security vulnerabilities, and that the app only stores data in encrypted form. Additionally, the app should have some kind of authentication system (e.g. PIN or password) in order to limit unwanted guests.


Finally, consider the cost of the video chat app before making a commitment. Some apps offer a free trial period, but may have longer-term tiered subscription plans. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before opting for a paid plan so that you are aware of any additional fees that may apply. Additionally, if the app offers a free plan, be sure to check what features, if any, are included.

Choosing the perfect video chat app for your needs doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. By following the guidelines above, you can make an informed decision and increase the efficiency of your team and the overall user experience. As always, be sure to thoroughly test out the product before committing to any long-term plans.

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