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FaceTime for Windows Doesn’t Exist. But Here are some Alternatives.

FaceTime is one of the best applications you can find on a Mac because it enables you with a simple way to talk with your friends and family from the comfort of your desktop. Unfortunately, this tool isn’t available on any other desktop platform, so if you are using Windows for example you need to look for some alternatives.

1. Skype
If you are looking for a great FaceTime replacement then Skype is one of the best. It t can perform video calls, audio to video, video to audio or audio to audio. You name it Skype does it. In addition to that, it also allows you to perform calls to mobile phones and land-line phones as well.

2. Viber
This tool is suitable for performing mobile phone calls or video calls. It’s compatible with any country and you can use it from anywhere you want, as long as you are connected to the Internet. The Windows client works seamlessly and you can easily call your friends on mobile phones.

3. Tango
Tango is another application that’s similar to FaceTime, but it improves on its formula by adding things such as sending music messages, playing games and multiple other perks alongside the video and voice calls that you can expect from such a tool.

4. Camfrog
This is a free live webcam video chat room that makes it easy for you to create your own chat rooms or perform audio and video calls with your friends. It even includes a wide number of effects that can be added to the chat that can make the call a lot more entertaining.

5. Paltalk
This application brings an online platform where people can talk online, there are tons of chat rooms available and you even have the opportunity to chat text-only via the integrated IM solution. All you need to do is to choose a nickname and select one of the over 5000 rooms, you are bound to find some people to chat with.

6. Google Hangouts 
An online application that can easily be accessed via your browser, Hangouts is set to help you connect with friends from all over the world via an easy to use interface. Your friends can join the hangout from the mobile phones, tablets, or any other device that has an Internet connection.

7. Jitsi
An open source web conferencing and chat solution, this application can also help you with things such as encrypting messages, adding presentations, sharing desktop and text chat.

8. Linphone
Linphone is a VOIP solution that helps you perform free calls in HD. Additionally, you can call from your browser if you want, but if you install the dedicated windows application you can access call history, record calls, share files and picture, send IMs as well as create conferences, among many others.

9. VoipBuster 
VoipBuster is another great VOIP solution that helps you perform phone calls online for free, and you can even call your friends at low rates. The app is very easy to use, it doesn’t require you to go through complicated tutorials, which might be a plus for some people.

10. Meetings.io 
If you want to chat with your friends unrestricted, then this is definitely the tool you need to use. Meetings.io allows you to create a meeting immediately and you can invite them as fast as possible. Best of all, the tool is available free of charge and you don’t need to download anything, as you just need a browser to use it.
As you can see, there are a lot of FaceTime alternatives for the Windows platforms, and all of them bring almost the same features, with some of these apps actually bringing even more than you might expect. If you want to chat with your friends via video or VOIP, then all of the apps presented above provide you with a viable solution to do that and much more

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