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Web-based FaceTime Alternatives

Even though sometimes you want to stay in touch with your friends via video call on mobile devices, there are situations in which you simply don’t want to use applications like FaceTime for example. Instead, you will want to use web-based applications that provide the same video call functionality, but instead allow you to perform the action inside your browser. There are multiple applications which provide you with such a functionality, and in this list you can find the best ones which are available right now on the market.

1. Google Hangouts
Despite the fact that it has dedicated applications for many devices, Google Hangouts was actually released as a web-based tool initially, and after that it was expanded to the multitude of devices that we see today. The ability to chat within your browser with multiple friends at once definitely makes Google Hangouts a very useful tool when you want to collaborate with your friends without having to use expensive apps that offer such functionality. The web app is free to access and very easy to use, all you need is just a Google Account and a dedicated plugin that you have to install within your browser.

2. Facebook Video Chat
More than a billion people have a Facebook account, so they won’t have a problem using the functionality of this particular app. It’s a very easy to use application that basically requires you to install a plugin and, once you do that, you will just have to start chatting with your friends. The video quality is really good considering the web environment in which the video chat takes place, so it’s a good solution for those that want a web-based FaceTime alternative.

3. AnyMeeting
This is widely regarded as a videoconferencing service rather than a video chat, but it does work really well and it allows you to record your meetings. Just like the options listed above, it requires the installation of a plugin in order to work properly, but it provides you with a lot of value and you will definitely enjoy its offerings. The interesting thing about AnyMeeting is the fact that you can bring up to 200 different people in the videoconference, so you can use it both for your business or personal matters without a problem.

4. Meetings.io
This video chat solution doesn’t require an account, a plugin or anything else, it just connects you and your friends/family with ease. You just use your Facebook or Google credentials that click the button, start the meeting and share the link to the meeting with every friend you want. The chat option is really great, video quality is amazing and this is a service that can be used even by people which are technologically challenged, thanks to its simplicity.

5. TinyChat
This site successfully manages to combine the power of a social network with the features provided by a video broadcasting service. It uses Flash to access your microphone and camera, so you won’t have to install plugins, which is really nice. If you upgrade to the Pro version you can get camera effects, a high quality video as well as filters and numerous other perks.

All of the options listed above are a viable replacement tool for FaceTime if you want an easy to use, dedicated web application which provides the same features. The websites in this list offer some amazing services, so you will definitely want to check them all out today.

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